Hitman Records Inc., Founded by CEO and Chairman C. Michael Brae, began in 1991 and moved on to solidified a joint venture with SOLAR (Sounds of Los Angeles Records) - "A Division of RCA Records" in 1995. Hitman was able to expand its distribution while adding manufacturing and promotional support. Since that period, Hitman Records has established itself as a one-stop music industry leader with a multitude of capabilities. Hitman is currently distributed by MVD Entertainment with a network of partners and distributors including Universal Music Distribution Canada, along with several other key distributors that factor into Hitman's global distribution. Hitman is a virtually integrated source for the recording, production, manufacturing, distribution, manufacturing, promoting and merchandising of music products.  The company has developed a tightly integrated network of associated businesses, which provide high-quality services at highly competitive rates.  This network essentially gives Hitman Records complete vertical integration with incredibly low overhead.

Hitman Records has distribution through its distributors with partnerships with leading companies such as MVD Entertainment/Universal Music Distribution Canada, Sony/The Orchard, HMV-Sunrise/Canada, Believe Digital, Sound Republica, Overdrive,  Barnes & Noble, Super D, Amazon US , Amazon Canada, Target, Fry's, Sears, Kmart, and Alliance Entertainment Corporation. Customer relationship management services consist of a single point of contact, negotiating contractual terms and conditions, SKU set-up and lifecycle management, data integrity, inventory management, purchase order processing, and acknowledgment, shipment tracking and delivery confirmation, payables processing and resolution of invoice/shipping discrepancies, returns processing, marketing and advertising. Hitman has built strong relationships with specialized manufacturers, publishers, and other media providers. In the end, Hitman provides its clients to include customer relationship management, product and inventory management, and sales and marketing support.

MVD Entertainment Group 

MVD Distribution executes the (US Territory) for physical fulfillment of Hitman’s titles, servicing major chains as Best Buy, Hastings, Barnes & Noble and FYE to name a few, distributors, one-stops, online retail, and independent retail. MVD Distribution runs its 30,000 square foot warehouse in Oaks, PA. MVD Entertainment Group is a full-service movie and music distribution firm, exclusively representing thousands of visual and audio products for DVD, Bluray, CD, vinyl, and digital rights, worldwide. MVD Distribution executes the physical fulfillment of its products (including MVD Audio and MVD Visual), servicing major chains, distributors, one-stops, online retail, and independent retail. With years of international experience, MVD has a massive network of contacts and ongoing relationships in all the key markets like UK, Europe, Canada, Australia/NZ, Japan, South America, South Africa, etc. and has distribution capabilities through its key partners through Universal Music Distribution Canada. 

Isotope Music

Largest Canadian Distributor - Artists are added to the catalogs and all their retail stores. Isotope is Canada’s largest music and vinyl wholesaler with over 60,000 titles in stock. Isotope specializes in both bulk and direct-to-consumer fulfillment for acts such as Elton John, Mark Knopfler, Blue Rodeo, Great Big Sea, Santana, and many more. The staff is comprised of musicians, recording company personnel, and experienced retail buyers with over 40 years of experience in the music industry.

Believe Digital Role

Hitman has partnered with Europe's largest and leading digital distributor (Believe Digital). Believe currently distributes over 1 million tracks from 15,000 labels and their catalog continues to grow. Our system regularly delivers content to 300+ digital music services. The largest digital label and distributor in Europe A 3% to 10% market share in key European territories (Believe achieved a 27% market share ahead of Universal, Sony, Warner and EMI in France in June 2009 with 10 albums and 3 singles in the top 50 digital albums and singles charts) 20 top 10 charted albums and singles across Europe in the past 18 months alone, including 8 number 1s. Over $22.5 million in royalties paid out since 2005.​


The Orchard/Sony

The Orchard is a music, video and film distribution, marketing, and sales company that works with independent artists, labels, and other content providers to distribute content to hundreds of digital and mobile outlets around the world, as well as physical retailers in North America and Europe. Sony Music Entertainment is the parent company that owns 100% of the company. The combined distribution company will have revenues of approximately $130 million.


Sound Republica

Sound Republica is a global music distribution and publishing company launched in 2018 based in Seoul, South Korea.  It has its origins in J.B. Content Group and Metropolis Korea Limited, which were the Korean representative companies for the Abbey Road Studios and Metropolis Music Group, both in London, UK. South Republica aim’s to transform the world music industry by creating a genuinely innovative open music platform where independent artists and labels can distribute and publish their music anywhere in the world. The company is a full-service digital distributor which distributes music to over 120 digital service providers in more than 180 countries




Hitman Records, Inc. Executives & Team

C. Michael Brae - CEO/Chairman

Dameon V. Russell - Chief Operating Officer

Veda Smith - President

Orlan M. Johnson - General Counsel

Maestro Curtis - VP of A&R

Anthony K. Sebro - VP of Licensing

Ingrid Fletcher - Director of Media Relations

Roger Ryan - Staff Producer/Music Production

Hitman Records accepts unsolicited material and is currently seeking new artists for distribution. Must have a completed retail-ready full-length album. Email your Reverbnation or Soundcloud music link and/or website for our team to review.  Email: info@hitmanrecords.com