College Rep Program        


Hitman Records is seeking college students who are passionate about a career in the music business to promote our current and upcoming acts as College Marketing Reps. We “Value” the role of College Reps at Hitman so this is your opportunity to impact the careers of our artists and help shape future music trends. Reps will get to hear new music first and gain valuable music industry experience. This is an internship, but a non paid position, (though you may receive internship credit), and candidates must commit to 10-12 hours a week, preferably for an academic year (though many Reps stay on longer).

Please keep in mind that Hitman internships are unpaid. To qualify for an internship with Hitman Records you must: be currently enrolled at an accredited college/university; make a commitment of at least 10-12 hours per week; and be able to receive college credit for your internship and a “letter of proof” must be submitted.

Position Objective: Implement grassroots and online marketing campaigns. Work with local retailers, clubs, music directors at college radio (on-campus), DJs & promoters, peer networks, on campus student body organizations and media to create avenues of exposure for Hitman artists and projects.  Create “street credibility” and enhance “brand equity” on new releases!  The overall perspective of this position as a Rep in their designated college campus and communities is to provide valuable consumer feedback and insight, while promoting Hitman artists.

Position Responsibilities:
Create a network that includes key campus organizations, retailer contacts, local media contacts, DJ and club contacts, Build and leverage relationships with key contacts (college radio, DJs, parties, campus groups, media) in order to promote and further word-of-mouth exposure for artists, Impact sales by exposing artists locally via lifestyle, online, retail and on-campus marketing campaigns, Generate demand for releases through targeted marketing and provides feedback on project performance, Participate in street blitzes and college radio campaigns, Communicate with Hitman management regularly, Create artist exposure opportunities at lifestyle and retail through visibility, in-store play, and consumer promotions/contests, Distribute label generated promotional materials, Utilize online promotional opportunities in promoting artists via Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, Communicate trends in the relationship between local consumers and physical/online retailers,  Provide specific consumer marketplace feedback, Act as a youth demographic "focus group" for new/growth digital and physical businesses (e.g. vinyl, digital album cards, video, and merch), Set up and facilitates area artist events (e.g. in-stores, college radio/press interviews, local appearances).  Create awareness of on campus and local events and communicates ideas for artist tie-ins.

Required Skillset:
Able to commit to a schedule of 10-12 hours/week for at least one or two semesters.
Understanding of where/how their peers consume music.  
Passion and love for music, the music industry, and marketing.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Excellent time management and organizational skills.
Ability to work well independently.

For more in email:
Please place “College Rep” in the subject line